Substance Abuse treatment facility or sometimes referred to as an addiction rehab in Johannesburg ( in Oaklands, near Rosebank and Melrose ). We specialise in the treatment of substance abuse and related disorders commonoly known as  drug addiction, alcoholism, gambling addiction, co-dependance and sex addiction.

We take a holistic approach to substance abuse treatment or addiction treatment. While understanding that addiction is largely a physical disease, we also realise that many other factors come into play such as a person’s experience growing up and past traumatic experiences.

Our programme includes primary care and detox, one-on-one counselling, group counselling, trauma counselling and group sessions with addiction specialists such as psychologists, psychiatrists and other medical professionals.

wpid-wp-1410382929945.jpegThe centre is staffed by professional counselors, psychologists, social workers, GP’s psychiatrists as well as internationally certified recovery coaches and support staff of which   some are themselves in recovery. This creates an atmosphere of understanding and acceptance and provides clients with positive role models.

However, when taking a holistic approach it is important to note that the centre is supervised by professional  social workers,  clinical psychologist and a consultant psychiatrists who specialize in addicted related disorders and all clients are cared for by SHARP’s residential nursing sisters .

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