I have worked with David over the past year in his capacity as Executive Coach. The work has been goal-oriented and focused on areas where I thought my performance as an executive could improve. In my view, David’s method is challenging, but effective. It also allows for regular and consistent measurement of progress.

I believe David has contributed to a material improvement in my performance as an executive over the past year and is well-equipped to improve the performance of any executive willing to work with him.


I can be contacted on +27 (0) 11 507 0300

Andrew Cuff
Executive Director
Head of South African Equity Research
JPMorgan Equities Limited


I first met David when I moved to work at a global investment bank in Johannesburg. He struck me then as remarkably intelligent, with a superb sense of humour and a person that seemed to work very well with problems and people in distress. He had a sense of clarity and purpose in working through tough situations. He was positive and constructive, whilst at the same time experienced in the realities of life and what it can throw at you. He never belittled a problem or somebody’s perspective on a situation. I watched this for years, in fact about seven years to be precise.

I have worked as a stock market research analyst for most of my life. I remain in global investment banking and by most measures it a very high pressure job and extremely competitive. For my sins I seem to cope with it and enjoy it. But otherwise I have been unsettled. I have largely ignored my own personal development in lieu of my career.

For me, it is important that I speak to somebody I know is not just a motivator but somebody that is intelligent and can bring me perspective. I am a thinking person – in fact working with Dave I learned and accepted that about myself and have recognised that being a searcher inevitably means I am probably never going to have all the answers. I didn’t want a rah rah type person who put paid to my need for growth and answers, told me it was all fine and booked an appointment for next week.

David got into my shoes, he understood immediately that my search is one for meaning and depth to my life, not just for a day-to-day existence. It is not a gap one fills overnight, but we have made a start, and I am confident I am headed down the right road. I don’t want to get to the end of a year and find that as a person I haven’t grown. It’s very easy to confuse a busy career life with personal development and I am grateful I have made the distinction, and found somebody I can trust this process with.

I would recommend Dave and am happy to be contacted on 083 408 0509.

Natasha Moolman (Ingham)

RMB Morgan Stanley

1 Merchant Place | Cnr Fredman Drive & Rivonia Road, Sandton
Johannesburg, 2196
Phone: +27 11 282-8489


Since I met David in 2005 he has been a loving, encouraging, consistent, delightfully humorous, honest and truth provoking friend, colleague and coach.

Rasada Goldblatt
Computer Conscious cc
011 728 1542