Recovery Coaching Wellness Programm -Developing emotional intelligence in the workplace

The Recovery Coaching Wellness Programme aims to develop emotional intelligence in the workplace, It is practical and theoretical. Emotional Intelligence  (EQ) Training develops skills aimed at individuals that are full-time employees.

The training brings  awareness around behaviors, emotions, how these impact the individual, work colleagues and the workplace as a whole.

Practical skills are developed  to address themes like ” anger management ” ,  ” victim mentality” ” Authoritarian Leadership” ”Racism”

It is a 21 day intensive training that is held at SHARP Recovery Solutions  and runs from 4pm to 6pm Monday to Thursday and from 3pm – 5:00pm Friday ( making it easier for our students to travel to the facility by avoiding the traffic)

The training is suitable for performers as well as non-performers  that require additional support, particularly around development of EQ (Emotional Intelligence) as well a non-performers that require skills and developmental support in adjusting to the needs of the organisation.

With the growing demand for programs that focus on developing emotional intelligence we  have  identified the need for a program that differs from traditional training  programs. Our focus is on adult education and  embodied learning  and we achieve this through our Recovery Coaching Wellness Program which is self-empowering  through forward-focused, solutions-based group coaching.

The facilitators creates a learning environment, “the container”  a safe space for clients to experience embodied learning and to move forward in their lives by focusing on the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual areas of life.

The advantage that the program runs over a 21 days period is that it caters to the needs of the workplace i.e. client still can be a work for most of the day as well as for the client. The advantage of this is that the client and the workplace can practice new skills learned and as a group we can support change by offering accountability and personal responsibility.

The coaching program also takes into account that certain clients are looking for a program that can help them address the issues that are causing the to respond in an unhealthy  way . This might be manifesting in substance abuse, strained relationships with management, colleagues or team members that they lead as well as  the home environment.

Clients are given the opportunity to explore their choices in these areas and so develop their own long-term  plans. The program is unique in that does not follow a pre-determined structure, but is tailored around the changing needs of the group. However, over the 21 day period various theories are covered  to support the participants and solutions are offered in a non-judgmental setting, where the clients are given the freedom to determine a solution focused path that resonates with their personal beliefs and values.

The group is facilitated by certified recovery coaches whom are trained in the speciality of recovery wellness, whose role is to assist and aid the processes that take place throughout the coaching conversation. Unlike counselling and therapy, coaching aims to guide the journey which is determined by the clients. Clients are encouraged and supported to determine their own unique path, and by so doing learn to take responsibility and be fully accountable for their progress. Advice is kept to a minimum and confidentiality and feedback is agreed upfront, this is to manage expectations of all the parties involved

Topics that are covered during the coaching process include, but are not limited to:

• Building  emotional intelligence;

• Understanding personal & professional relationships;

• Undertaking long- & short-term goal setting;

• Determining & incorporating personal beliefs and values into daily life;

• Exploring healthy lifestyle choices;

• Identifying & avoiding triggers and urges.

The educational element to the Coaching Program  aids clients in better understanding themselves, giving the clients an opportunity to learn new tools and skills that will empower them. By being responsible for their personal development, clients are better equipped to manage their lives in a holistic and honest way. Topics include Transactional Analysis, Imargo Therapy, The  Paradox of Leadership ,Triangle of Self Obsession, Drama Triangle.

For more information on the Recovery Coaching Wellness Program please contact David Collins on 083 288 0309  or contact Penny on 011 728 9200 or  book you place and make payment.