Recovery Coaching for Community Development

Prior to selecting suitable candidates for the Certified Recovery Coaching Training path, we perform 2 day community workshops to select the best candidates for the task.  This ensures dedication and maximum return on investment….. Not everyone makes a great coach.


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Latest videos from SciShow for Oct 31, 2014:

Hope this will try and alleviate some of the stigma associated with substance abuse disorder SAD for short.

The best thing about recovery is the ability to learn and think for yourself.   Wake up people and live …  live you all dyslexic david

Foundation for Recovery Coaching -SOWETO

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Recovery Coaching- The Theory

Seeing as Recovery Coaching (RC) is an emerging field or profession its important to state my history and own development withing the profession.

In 2007 while on a training course provided by CTI (Coaches Training Institute) in the Co-Active model of coaching, I had the idea that this approach would be very beneficial for my clients in my rehab facility SHARP (Self Help Addiction Recovery Center)

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Introduction to recovery coaching