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David Collins Certified Coach

David Collins is specialist coach, facilitator and consultant with an extensive background in the financial sector. He sits on the panel of external coaches for Investec as well as Nedbank, but also has working relationships with JPMorgan, CITI Bank as well as ABSA and Standard Bank.

David has a keen sense of social responsibility and its importance to the sustainability of countries and economies. To this end, David started SHARP, a primary care facility for people suffering from chemical substance abuse.

He then went on to be the founder of the U-ACT Trust (Ubuntu Academy of Coaching & Training), a Section 18A company whose aim is to incorporate the skills and success of coaching in the field of Recovery Coaching.

Within this environment, David honed his strong people skills in the area of listening, intuition and personal empowerment. It is the combination of all these skills and David’s unique personality that makes him an exceptional coach.

What I can offer within the corporate environment. My passion in the South African context is Transformation within the workplace.

Will Travel anywhere – +27 (0) 83 288 0309

I offer various trainings to become a  coach via the U-ACT – Ubuntu Addiction Community Trust

Sandton | Johannesburg | South Africa
+27 (0) 11 728 92 00

Sandton | Johannesburg | South Africa
+27 (0) 11 728 92 00